Pheasant Time, Family Time

My wife and I traveled to Huron this weekend to hunt with our families during opening weekend.  Walking high corn that was mostly not stripped  birds were hard to come by but we still had success on opening day.  With 12 guns we took 30 roosters. 

 As more corn gets out around the area I expect to see hunting success increase greatly.  We saw quite a few birds but without headlands out or stripes made they would run right by us without flying.  

As it mostly is in my family, pheasant hunting is just as much about getting together and spending time with each other.  This year was no exception with a large number of aunts, uncles and cousins we set out to the fields for what is generally an all around good time.  After most fields were walked a period of BS’ing and snacking occurred before set out again. 

The noon start time allowed time for my dad, brother, brothers girlfriend, wife and I to go duck hunting in the mornings.  We shot ducks both days and had a large number working the slough we were in.  While the days get long, hunting both ducks and pheasants is a blast and I recomend it to anyone who can try it.

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Check out some of the pictures my wife and mother took of this weekend.