Whitetail rut almost here

The rut in South Dakota is almost here and I know bowhunters around the area are itching to get out and spend some quality time in those stands. 

Take a look at Outdoor Life’s new weather calculator.  http://www.outdoorlife.com/weather/whitetail

It uses temperature, wind, moon phases and other factors to give you a five day forecast for hunting whitetails.  I wouldn’t live by these numbers by any means but they are interesting to look at before heading out into the field

Send me your trail cam pics of that monster you are going after or a picture of a deer you have already harvested this year and I will post it on the blog. chuber@mitchellrepublic.com

Personally, I have a couple places scoped out I want to sit at this year  and I saw a couple nice bucks while pheasant hunting last weekend.