Too much science in hunting?

For years now hunting companies have been using scientific research to mold and innovate hunting products.  This is causing everything from camo patterns, to scent elimination, and attractants to become more sophisticated as companies are starting to base products on how the animal you are hunting perceives the world around it.

Gore and Sitka Gear have created the optifade camo patern.

This pattern uses macro and micro patterns, and colors based on how an ungulate (such as a deer or elk) not a human views the world.

Bird Vision is a company that sells ultaviolet paint for decoys, because a birds visual spectrum is larger then that of a human.

Robo Ducks ( for example) have been around for many years and uses a small motor to spin the wings of a duck decoy to make it look like it’s landing.

My question to you is there to much scientific reasearch used in hunting or is this just part of a natural progression?

Is there a need for these new products?

Let me know how you feel about by commenting on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Too much science in hunting?

  1. As we become more advanced, we will advance our techniques. It’s a neverending cycle of improvement.

    I’m all for the advancements. It shows that humans’ most valuable hunting asset is their brains.

  2. I know one year my dad went hunting in his red and black checkered shirt and blue jeans. He wasnt wearing any camo or using any scents and he still shot his deer that year. My opinion is that I believe some of it might work but thats why they call it hunting, you have to work to out smart the animal. All the camo and scents in the world wont do you any good unless you are smart and have some sense on how you hunt. I think some people think I’m wearing camo and have doe piss on my boots, they can’t see me or smell me. But you need to remember a deer is a lot smarter than some people think.

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