Mountain lion season so far

The mountain lion season kicked off the first of January and SDGFP is already reporting 9 lions (4 females) have been taken.

Remember the season statewide season runs Jan. 1 to March 31 or when 45 lions have been taken or when 30 females have been taken.

No lions have been taken from Custer State Park so far.

If you are hunting and want text updates on the number of lions taken Text “SDGFP lion” to 368638 and GFP will send them out to you.

Here is the rundown on the lions that have been taken so far from South Dakota Game Fish and Parks.

Mt Lion # Date of Harvest Sex Estimated Age Weight Location of Harvest
SW-1 1/1/2011 M 3-4 127 Custer
SW-2 1/1/2011 M 6 148 Custer
SW-3 1/2/2011 M 3 105 Pennington
SW-4 1/2/2011 F 5-6 90 Pennington
SW-5 1/2/2011 F 3 85 Pennington
SW-6 1/2/2011 M 7 147 Lawrence
SW-7 1/2/2011 F 2 81 Custer
SW-8 1/4/2011 F 5-6 97 Custer
SW-9 1/4/2011 M 1 58 Pennington