Fishing in Cabo

I spent the last week in Cabo San Lucas after my brother won a trip through his work and took me with him.  One of the days we set out on an eight hour fishing trip and here are some images from that trip.

The fishing wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either, we caught 10 Mackerel between 5 people and it is hard to be mad when you get to spend eight hours on trolling on the ocean.

It should have been prime season for  marlin, but the consensus from our captain the other people in the marina was the tsunami in Japan severely altered the fish patterns.  It was still great to be out on the water sipping cold ones and seeing the sights.

hard to get mad at so-so fishing when you have a view like this

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Save the tundra, one snow goose at a time

With temperatures reaching the 50’s and higher this week we should see a large push of snow geese throughout much of South Dakota.  A population explosion of these birds is threatening the tundra habitat in their Spring and Summer nesting ground so limits have been increased from the fall season in hopes of the controlling the population. Getting on these crafty birds can be difficult because of the large numbers in their flocks, but not impossible. First you need to find out where they are or when they will be in your area.

When trying to predict when snow geese will be in your area is best to look at the National Weather Service snow depth cart.

You should be able to find a clearly defined snowline on this map.  Get on or right south of the snowline in the central flyway and you will find your snow geese. 

To hunt snow geese you need both at small game license and a Migratory Bird Certification.

Daily Limit: 20 geese and possession limit is unlimited.

Shooting Times: one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.

Electronic Calls: Use is permitted.

Shell Capacity:  More than 3 shells is permitted. (Take out your plug, or even put one that extension tube)

Remember only snow, blue and ross geese may be shot in the spring season. Specks, or white-fronted geese will be migrating with flocks of snow geese but are illegal to hunt during the springs.  Specks can look like blue or ross geese so be doubly sure before pulling the trigger.

To look at all spring goose regulations click the link below.

Snow Depth for Monday March 14

If you are heading out to take a crack at those birds affectionately called “sky carp” send some pictures to us at South Dakota Outdoor Adventures

-Happy Hunting