S.D. fishing report for May 31

Here is a copy of the fishing report we received from Great Lake of SD Tourism Assocaition Executive Director Karen Kern.  Remember to take caution when fishing anywhere on the Missouri because of high water levels and check with GFP to make sure it is safe to go out.

The Governor has closed boating acces facilities in below Gravis Point Dam in Yankton.

The Governor has also banned boating on Lake Sharpe, from immediately below Oahe Dam to the downstream Antelope Creek area.

If you are ever out fishing and want to give us a report of conditions please send them to chuber@mitchellrepublic.com

Lake Oahe

In the Pollock area fishing for walleye is really  go well. Anglers are using minnows and nightcrawlers in 16-25 feet.

At Mobridge fishing is also picking up. Anglers are using jigs and minnows with a few starting to use crankbaits. Depth is anywhere from 10-20 foot.

At Akaska  fishing is really taking off and they are starting to see some limits come in. Anglers are using crankbaits with a few starting on live bait. They’re also using bottom bouncers with a plain  hook or hook and minnow. Shore fishing here is going really well with multi-species coming in – catfish, walleye, northern, smallmouth. With the high water fishing from shore will be good this year and no standing in mud – great for kids!

At Gettysburg  they are still catching northern and catfish. The smallmouth population is starting to get active and they are seeing walleye being caught. All areas of the river seem to be taking off.

Around Spring/Cow Creek  the catfish and northern are biting. Reports are that there were 20 lb. northern caught this weekend. The salmon are biting weather permitting, but it’s spotty. The water needs to warm up on Oahe before the walleye fishing starts in full force. Some anglers have tried going into the Cheyenne, but with all the moisture in the western part of the state that river is running full too, so caution is needed.

Lake Sharpe  – Please see the note at the beginning of this report on the Pierre/Fort Pierre area! The Pierre area is good using light jigs and crankbaits in 6-10 foot depths. The area from the Oahe Dam and down is going really well for walleye with anglers using jigs and minnows and some starting to use crawlers. The areas around Farm Island, Antelope Creek and anywhere along the bluffs is good for fishing. White bass are starting in the immediate area – now is the time for white bass!

At West Bend the bite is good with limits of nice walleye coming in. Bait choice is jigs and minnows, Lindy rigs with minnows and crankbaits, with some anglers starting to use crawlers. Smallmouth are also going good here. It’s recommended in all of these areas that anglers use the anchor and pitch method. With all the water that’s being let out of the dam drifting is difficult.

Francis Case

Around Chamberlain the bite is the best some people have seen – on both Lake Sharpe and Francis Case. Most fishing on Lake Sharpe is being done in 7-10 f Anglers are catching fish from Chamberlain to the Big Bend Dam. Best areas are White River to Crow Creek and the dam and also south of chamberlain. Nice fish from 15-24 inches are being caught in the 15-20 foot depth. Anglers are using jig and minnows. Here also we need some warm stable weather.

 In the Platte  area there are boats starting to go out and fishing is picking up. The walleye being caught are looking very good and the weight is good – some said they look the best they’ve looked for many years. Anglers are using jigs and minnows, with most pitching to the rocks. Some are starting to pull plugs also.

At the Pickstown and Wagner area there have been a few boats in the boat bay below the Fort Randall Dam fishing for walleye and the bite has been fair. The smallmouth bite has been good on the lake. Water flows below the dam are good and the water is very hign. Docks have been taken out.

Around Lewis & Clark Lake they are catching some walleye  and crappie in and around the marina.

On the Missouri River around Yankton they are catching walleye and catfish. Gates are open at the dam and discharge is high.

On Lake Yankton they are bringing a few crappie.

Memorial day weekend plans

Memorial day weekend has traditionally been an outdoors holiday with a large number of people taking part in camping, fishing, and hiking.  I want to know what your plans are for the weekend?  Do you have that favorite camp spot reserved and ready? Are you chomping at the bit to get out of the water for an extended fishing weekend trolling for walleyes or casting spinners from shore?  Do you have a family hiked planned out complete with picnic?  Let me know by commenting on this post or sending photos to chuber@mitchellrepublic.com once you get back.

Take a look at some of the events SD GFP has planned for the weekend at locations throughout the state by looking at the events calendar on their website. http://gfp.sd.gov/calendar.aspx

I for one will be partaking in an anti-outdoors weekend…I am going to a high school graduation in Omaha, so If you are outdoors this weekend enjoy it.

Fishing for greenbacks

Ever wish you could fish all day and still get a paycheck?  Cabela’s is giving you the chance. In their “Wanna Go Fishing for Millions” promotion they are giving anglers a chance to win money by catching one of the 1,000 fish the company has tagged and released back into designated waters. 

The contest runs from now until July 14, and anglers could win up to $2.2 million.  Water’s were fish were released in South Dakota include : Lake Sharpe, Lake Madison, and Pactola Reservoir.  It appears they have tagged a number of different species but did not give any information on which species were tagged in what lake.

 check out www.cabelas.com/fishformillions for more info.

Free fishing weekend

May 20-22 is free fishing weekend  and free state park admission here in South Dakota.  That means Anglers will not need a license when heading out to their favorite fishing hole during this time.  This is a great chance to take a child fishing at little cost to you.

SDGFP also wants everyone to know that if a person does not have fishing tackle they should contact their nearest state park as many have loaner fishing kits.

Get out there and enjoy the weekend.

Training Continues: The Water Retrieve

The past weekend I took the new pup, Stella, out to the local lake to try some more swimming and let her become more familiar with the water. Last week, she got the gist of swimming by watching my father-in-laws dogs bounding into the water. She really seemed to enjoy it so this week we tried her first water retrieve. 

Apprehensive at first, she would swim out to the stick and then turn around and come back to shore. By her third try though she realized she could grab the stick while swimming and brought it back to me, shaking off the water as she dropped it to my feet. I couldn’t have been more proud of her.  She receive some heavy praise from my wife and me as she wagged her tail wildly knowing how well she had done.

As it goes with training a puppy, my overwhelming pride soon turned to shame as she found the remnants of a dead duck and proceeded to play keep away from me trying to eat it whole. Don’t get me wrong I am glad she found the dead duck that nose will come in handy when one sails into some cat tails but not brining it to me and running away when told to come was not one her best momments.

Summer Goose Season

For those of you who didn’t see Bob Mercer’s story in our paper Monday here is the low down of it.  A proposal brought forward during South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission would allow for another summer goose season like hunters enjoyed last year.  Under the proposal this year the possession limit of 32 would be stripped but the daily limit of 8 Canada Geese would remain in place. This year Hanson, Lincoln and Union counties would be added to Brookings, Clark, Codington, Day, Deuel, Hamlin, Grant, Kingsbury, Lake, McCook, Marshall, Miner, Minnehaha, Moody and Roberts counties as places you can hunt under the proposal. 

A public hearing will be held June 2 at Yankton at Lewis and Clark recreation area about the matter.

To read Bob’s complete story Click Here. http://www.mitchellrepublic.com/event/article/id/52438/publisher_ID/4/

I for one enjoyed the special summer season last year.