Training Continues: The Water Retrieve

The past weekend I took the new pup, Stella, out to the local lake to try some more swimming and let her become more familiar with the water. Last week, she got the gist of swimming by watching my father-in-laws dogs bounding into the water. She really seemed to enjoy it so this week we tried her first water retrieve. 

Apprehensive at first, she would swim out to the stick and then turn around and come back to shore. By her third try though she realized she could grab the stick while swimming and brought it back to me, shaking off the water as she dropped it to my feet. I couldn’t have been more proud of her.  She receive some heavy praise from my wife and me as she wagged her tail wildly knowing how well she had done.

As it goes with training a puppy, my overwhelming pride soon turned to shame as she found the remnants of a dead duck and proceeded to play keep away from me trying to eat it whole. Don’t get me wrong I am glad she found the dead duck that nose will come in handy when one sails into some cat tails but not brining it to me and running away when told to come was not one her best momments.