Fishing report for July 25

Below is a copy of the fishing report on the Missouri River for July 25 in South Dakota.

Lake Oahe 

In the Pollock area fishing is going really well and anglers are catching limits.  Many are using crankbaits in 7-15 feet of water, with crawlers, leeches and crankbaits being used. Anglers are catching some big northern pike in deep water – around 30 feet pulling plugs. Boat ramps are all open and in good shape in this area. Shore fishing is also going strong.

At Mobridge fishing is good everywhere with the fish moving a bit deeper. All bait is working well in 15-20 feet, with some nice limits coming in. Fish are healthy as they’ve ever been. Reports are still coming in that this is the best fishing they’ve seen for years.

At Akaska  fishing is going very well – limits are coming in and they are very busy in this area. Anglers are using crawlers, leeches and crankbaits. They are fishing in around 15-20 feet – still fishing shallow. The best action is on the Moreau River, pulling plugs or using spinners and live bait. Shore fishing here is going really well.

At Gettysburg  there is plenty of access and the walleye fishing is good with anglers catching lots of nice fish. The depth varies from 15-30 ft and crawlers and leeches are working the best. You can get your boat on the river anywhere here.

Around Spring CreekCow Creek the fishing is unbelievable – the fish are everywhere. One angler said Oahe was certainly on fire this year. Anglers are fishing in 17-20 feet using crawlers and pulling plugs. Areas that are good are into the Cheyenne and above Bush’s Landing. Last week a 27 inch, 7 lb. walleye was caught and a 29 inch, 9 lb. Northern and smallmouth are still going well in bays and shallows and along the points. Salmon are still going slow in 110-150 ft, but look for them to pick up with the warmer weather. Speaking of warmer weather, if you are looking to beat the heat, try pulling plugs at night along the face of the dam, Peoria Flats or Sully Flats.

At West Bend there have been anglers doing well but you need to adjust for the high current and then you can catch fish. Some anglers are hugging the shoreline out of the current and are doing well. Anglers are using spinners with crawlers, Lindy rigs and crankbaits. Now’s the time to come to the Pierre/Fort Pierre area – especially in the middle of the week when there is less traffic.

Francis Case

Around Chamberlain  fishing is still good on both Lake Sharpe and Francis Case. This is one of the best years for fishing that Francis Case has seen. Anglers are fishing along the banks and high points in the river. It’s going well both north and south of Chamberlain and you can launch your boat in the city or use the high water ramp at Cedar Shore Resort! Lake Sharpe is still going well for walleye, smallmouth and white bass. Fishing on Francis Case is also going well in 15-25 feet using leeches and crawlers, with some pulling crankbaits. Anglers are also catching a few smallmouth and white bass. The 15-inch limit on walleye came off July 1.

 In the Platte  area fishing is really good. There is lots of water on Francis Case and fish are everywhere. North of the bridge is good with anglers using live bait in 12-15 feet. Around Red Rock anglers are picking up walleye up on the flats. Fish being caught are healthy and looking good. And, yes you can get your boat on Francis Case!

At the Pickstown – WagnerLake Andes area walleye fishing on Lake Francis Case is simply excellent! The fish are big and fat – with 18-24 inches being the average. Ramps are open at Prairie Dog, St. Francis and South Shore. Areas around the dam intakes to the Wheeler area are going well. Most are fishing in about 20-25 feet, using crawlers and spinners. Shore fishing is fabulous below the dam! A five-year-old pulled in a 5 lb. walleye this past week! There have been reports that you can’t get in the lake here – that simply is not true. At Pease Creek for instance, the dock is out, but you can still get in – and you will not get fined. Please call the local people to find out what’s happening – you don’t want to miss that fishing trip because of bad information!

Around Lewis & Clark Lake they are catching walleye while drifting with bottom bouncers tipped with crawlers or leeches.

On the Missouri River some shore fishing only – there is a no boat restriction here also. Discharge here will reach 150,000 also. Lots of fish being caught from shore – drum, walleye, smallmouth bass. Bait being used is nightcrawlers, leeches and crawdads.

Springfield Area – walleye are being caught and some small northern are being caught. All boat ramps in the Springfield area are closed, as are the campgrounds at the Sand Creek Area and the Springfield Recreation area. All boat ramps in the area are underwater and the docks have been pulled from the water.

On Lake Yankton they are catching catfish, bluegill and crappie using crawlers and minnows.