Mt. Lion travels 1,600 miles

Most of you have more than likely seen the article ( ) about the Mt. Lion with South Dakota origins making it to Conn. before being run over by a vehicle.

It seems to me these large felines are beginning to range farther east.

Whether it be cat killed near Colman, SD last year or the one killed near Marty a few months ago the prevalence of these large cat’s making their way to Eastern South Dakota and beyond is seemingly becoming more likely. (Who knows maybe they are tired of getting shot at over there in the hills.)

I want to know your experience with large cats?  Have you ever seen one in the wild? Tell me your experience and where you saw it.

I grew up in the Black Hills and spent an large amount of time hiking forests and hunting out there but I never saw one of these cats in the wild.  I have seen tons fresh tracks, kills, and scat to let me know they are very present however.

One thought on “Mt. Lion travels 1,600 miles

  1. Haven’t seen one personally but our nephew’s 2 1/2 year old son on Monday points up the tree above their tent and says “Mommy a tiger”. This was just across the border in Wyoming at a state park on I-90. A couple years back my husband heard them quite a bit early in the morning while going to work. A sound he said you will never forget.

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