August Goose Management Take

Here is a link to my story about the August Goose Management Take.

There are a few points I really want to drive home about the season.

  • First off, when talked with the GF&P I found it astonishing that there are 227,000 resident Canada geese in South Dakota but they feel that number should be only 80 or 90k . With those numbers hunters could kill half the geese in South Dakota and we would still be over populated. South Dakota creates a near perfect habitat for geese with abundant water and food sources the population could grow to become even larger.  Kudos to SD GFP for taking this progressive and visionary approach lets hope it pays off.
  • If you aren’t going to eat all the geese you shoot please donate them. Luke and I did this after Saturday’s hunt and the whole process took 3 minutes.  At Mitchell Locker you drop them in a backroom, go upfront and fill out a one side piece of paper. We were the first ones to try the donation system at that locker but hopfully not the last.
  • If you have time and like to hunt get out there and help control the population. Access on farmers land is generally pretty easy to get during goose season because most farmers see them as an animal who eats their crops.

Did you go out goose hunting this weekend?  If so let me know how you did by commenting on the blog.