Firearms deer season in full swing

As most of you know, rifle season for eastern South Dakota deer opened up last weekend. My father, brother and I did some hunting around Iroquois and found some good success. My dad took a warrior of a buck that was missing one eye from fighting.  Strange thing is he shot it out of a layout blind ussally used to waterfowl hunt. Because of good scouting, and the use to trail cameras he knew where and when his best chance to harvest a buck would be and put his layout blind near that area. The blind concealed his position and scent perfectly.  The buck came within 30 yards of the blind. He popped out and shot it. Going through trail cam pictures we found the buck he shot, in a photo from two weeks earlier.  It still have both eyes at that point.

My brother also took a nice buck with heavy mass throughout his rack. The two kickers on the left side make it a 5 by 7.  Carefully glassing through binos, he found his buck bedded down on a fence line and throughout the course of a half hour was able to sneak close to get in position for a shot.


My brother’s nice whitetail

I on the other hand didn’t see to much. And wow was it cold, raging wind and sleet the first morning, and temperatures that hit negative 16 when I got out to hunt the second morning.  Could have shot a couple does, heck could have about tackled one while laying in a field Sunday. But so goes hunting, I will try to put some meat in the freezer again this weekend.

I want to see if you had success from the weekend. Submit your photos to Northland Outdoors Trophy Room ( and send me an email ( ) with your story on how you harvested your deer. You may see you photo in the print edition of The Daily Republic or on this blog.