Gray wolves to be delisted

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service announced Wednesday it will remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list in the Great Lakes Region.

AP Photo

Under the delisting management of the animals would return the the states by the end of January. States effected by the delisting would be Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and portions of adjoining states, including North Dakota. The population of gray wolves in Minnesota is around 3,000, the highest of the lower 48 states.  

Minnesota could start offering a hunting/trapping  season on the gray wolf as soon as Fall 2012.



Click to read Minnesota’s Management Plan.

To read Brad Dokken of the Grand Forks Herald story  on the subject click the link.

Weight in on your thoughts about the delisting?  Have you had any experiences with the gray wolf while in Minnesota, or any other state?

Personally, the echos of wolves howling over a small lake while camping alone in Itasca State Park in Northern Minnesota leave a memory of the wild I will not soon forget.

 To bring species back from near extinction in the lower 48 to the point where management is needed is a true testament to how well the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service can work. Kudos.