Saving the tundra by controlling snow geese

Some of you may have seen today’s article about snow goose populations in North America in The Daily Republic. While light goose overpopulation certainly isn’t a new problem as a conservation has been in place since 1999 it is one that continues to destroy huge sections of the tundra in Northern Canada.

I want to hear from you on how you did hunting this year. I was out of town the prime week to hunt these devils, but what I heard from friends is hunting was very difficult this year. Because of the lack of snow line birds weren’t sticking in one place long enough to pattern. A friend of fine set out 2000 full bodies, complete with vortex machines and kites….they didn’t get one goose that day.

I am hoping some of your may have had better luck.

Hit up the comments sections below to tell me how you did hunting the sky carp this year.